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Earring heart (bubbles)

Earring heart (bubbles)

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Silver 950 | handmade by Nicole Brunser

A little bit of history...
Graphic designer and silversmith Nicole Brunser combines color, silver and stones to create unique pieces with a playful and contemporary accent, she has exhibited at:
- Friar Lane Gallery, Nottingham Inglaterra
- Cloudinine Milán, Sept 2008;
- Premium Berlín, January 2009;
- A Fair Amberes, Netherlands February 2009;
- Eclat de Mode Bijorhca, Paris, September 2009, January 2010           - Modern Showroom Milán, September /October 2009
- Museum of contemporary art MOMA, Miami, december 2019/march 2020
All this by the hand of Urbandesign, Spain.

She has also exhibit at many Chilean design fairs.
Jewelry is a way of expression and art, on this path I have discovered the magic of handmade creations full of life, joy and colors. Wearing a joyfull jewel makes a brighter day, and this objects, made in silver, can make this happen

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