About us

We are always looking for Chilean products that tell a story.

Behind each product there’s a woman, a man and even a family who have created something with their own hands - designers who have taken care to keep the national and indigenous identity alive through their designs. Our creators are Chilean designers and entrepreneurs who not only want to sell a product and help their local economy, but also seek to minimize manufacturing waste, and environmental impact.

So, why buy at PanalStore? because you will help every Chilean dreamer to follow her or his impulse to create conscious products.


Handmade and waterproof “BeckBags” These handmade backpacks are the creation of two... 


Urban Austral Insoles These Patagonian insoles are handcrafted by a community of... 

  • PanalStore interview by La Gaceta Holandesa

    Who am I?

    Journalist and actress, what about that combination?  For a little more than 40 years inhabiting this planet, the last five living in the Netherlands, I declare myself an enthusiast of sustainable living.  

    Mom of two and wife of one 😉.  Traveler, expat, founder of @Panal_Store, blog writer www.mujeresexpatriadas.com, mentor for the UN Womens program “Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning” (SCE)-Chile, and tremendously fortunate to be able to see my children grow and give them the experience of living in an multicultural environment.


  • Insoles by Urban Austral

    Urban Austral Insoles

    These Patagonian insoles are handcrafted by a community of women who live in the southernmost tip of Chile.

    They come from a place that usually has movement and economic activity only in the summer months. To continue the activity in winter, they came up with this new source of income with which these six women make wool accessories from their sheep.

    They go from making blankets to making insoles, which being 100% wool are thermoregulatory, are very warm in winter and cool in summer, antibacterial, naturally insulating moisture and anti-perspirant, they can also be washed in the washing machine.

    Patagonia insoles are made to last.

    The base is made with leather from waste from the food industry in the area. And as a clarification: You can just take your normal shoe size.


  • Backpack by “Beckbags”

    These handmade backpacks are the creation of two siblings who have reinvented the family tradition.

    Their grandfather started working with leather making shoes, and their parents made other accessories such as purses and handbags.

    They not only learned the trade but were also the first in the family to be able to access a university education, thanks to the effort and work of their parents. One of them, a teacher by profession, decided to create a brand and began to design and manufacture these backpacks, which they baptized with the diminutive of the name of his mother, Rebeca.

    The personal treatment remains the same as before but with a renewed style.

    Beckbags backpacks are completely waterproof, are sold in three different sizes and have several compartments, including for the laptop.