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Patagonia Insoles

Patagonia Insoles

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ANTIPERSPIRANT: Wool absorbs up to 30% of its weight on humidity before feeling wet.

INSULATING: Use leather as a natural isolation for your feet!

COMFORTABLE: What would be best than to feel our amazing Patagonian wool all day long?

THERMOREGULATOR: Cool in summer and warm in winter.

ANTIBACTERIAL: Sheep wool is 100% protein. This is why it creates an unflattering environment for bacterial development

DIY: No size issues, just trim down to fit your size!

MADE TO LAST: We don't believe in disposable products.  You can easily wash our Patagonia insoles and keep them as good as new!

UP-CYCLE LEATHER: All leather we use is a sub-product of our local food industry that otherwise would end up as trash.

HANDMADE: Each of our insoles is handmade by women in Aysén.

REUSABLE PACKAGING: All our insoles come in cotton bags that you can use to store your insoles or whatever you need!

100% NATURAL: Both our insoles and our packaging are made of natural materials, choose PLASTIC FREE products!

OUR WOOL: All the wool we use is obtained by the artisans from their own animals.

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