Looking for products that tell a story

With PanalStore I want the process of buying a product to have a greater impact than just buying something new. The products in my store tell stories, not only do I sell products of Chilean origin, but all of them are made by a new generation of designers who promote a more responsible consumption, rooted in the local economy and innovation.

I love the concept of joining together. If several small-scale entrepreneurs who share the same ideal unite togther, each one contributing from their particular area of knowledge, without a doubt the impact will be positive. It was whilst I was still living in Chile that I began to visit different small businesses and to change my habits of consuming, in a more conscious and sustainable way. Selling these products here allows me to stay connected with my country and with what is being designed there. PanalStore seeks to be a showcase and a bridge between each of those Chilean entrepreneurs in this part of the world. Contributing something so that each of those dreamers continue to create quality products is very rewarding.

Why did I call my shop PanalStore?

The name refers to the honeycomb, because that's how I see this type of project, as a community where together we are building a hive. My store does not aim to obtain great economic benefits, I am inspired by the spirit of fair trade. PanalStore is a transparent space from which we all benefit, and above all, where creators can make themselves known. It is a store with which I not only want to show what is currently being done in Chile in the field of author design and the creation of sustainable products, but also aims to reach all that public with a less impulsive purchase, of smaller scale and more durable.