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Design by Vuelvo al Sur.

Size: UE 37-42

60% cotton – 40% nylon

Local names: giant neotropical kingfisher, kingfisher, kingfisher, javati guasu, martim-fisher-great
Habitat: Lakes, lagoons, dams, estuaries, rivers, marine bays; in general calm and clear waters surrounded by trees.

It has a total length of 36 to 41 centimeters, depending on the subspecies. It has the typical form of the fishing martins, long beak of blackish color, robust, well-marked crest. Head and back of light blue coloration, crest with black line.

Both sexes have a white collar around the neck, with a white throat, the belly is fluffy brown, with white subcaudals in the male and female rufae. Internal cover of the wings of white color in the male and rufas in the female. Brown legs.

The females are identical to the males, except for presenting the chest of slate blue color, separating the white from the throat with the reddish belly and subcaudales (male subcaudales reddish), the internal covers of the reddish wings, distinguish them in flight of the males that have them white.

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