Insoles for kids


Handmade insoles by woman from Patagonia, Chile.

WASHABLES We don’t believe in disposable products. You can easily wash our Patagonia insoles and keep them as good as new!

UP-CYCLE All leather we use is a sub-product of our local food industry that that would otherwise end up as trash.

KNOW WHO MADE IT Findout who made each of our insoles and leave them a messege in our website. Empowering women at Patagonia.

DIY No size issues, just trim down to fit your size!

PATAGONIA A product with identity, materiality and local tailoring, reflecting the spirit of Chilean Patagonia. Where nature is a reflection of what surrounds us and what we want to share

HANDMADE Taking into account each detail of the product at the same time that people are respected, granting a decent job. Positive impact for people and the environment.

COMFORTABLE What would be best than to feel our amazing Patagonian wool all day long?

ANTIBACTERIAL Sheep wool is 100% protein. This is why it creates an unflattering environment for bacterial development

ANTIPERSPIRANT Wool absorbs up to 30% of it’s weight on humidity before feeling wet

THERMOREGULATOR Cool in summer and warm in winter. INSULATING Use leather as a natural isolation for your feets!

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