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Chilean design for your hands.

Touch screen gloves / two designs in one

The Selk’nam people of Tierra del Fuego, also known as Ona, were composed of hunter-gatherers who arrived on the island several millennia before Christ. Despite the difficult conditions imposed by the climate and the relative scarcity of natural resources on the island, Selk’nam society developed a complex system of religious beliefs and rites that admired European travelers who visited the island.

Selk’nam society was organized in lineages or kinship units that inhabited common hunting and gathering territories, called haruwen. The island was divided into a certain number of them, which in turn were grouped into seven “skies.” The latter were major divisions of an exogamic nature; that is, they forced people born in one of them to marry a person born in another. The Selk’nam believed that all plants and animals were the reincarnation of the mythical ancestors that had inhabited the world at the beginning, and therefore each of them was associated with the “sky” from which it was believed that ancestor came from. The complex classification system that was derived from the belief in the “heavens” and in the mythical ancestors thus constituted one of the foundations of the Selk’nam social system.
The richness and complexity of the Selk’nam culture did not survive the thrust of the colonization of the island at the end of the 19th century and the installation of sheep stays in the territory. Massacred and deported to Catholic missions, the Selk’nam became extinct in the mid-twentieth century, leaving behind the memory of a rich and versatile culture.


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