Panal is an online store that seeks to be a window into the larger world for small-scale Chilean designers and artisans.

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How Panal Store was born

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What will you find in Panal Store?

PanalStore is an online store that seeks to be a window into the larger world for small-scale Chilean designers and artisans. We are always looking for chilean products that tell a story. 

The products that PanalStore selects are sustainable, handmade and friendly to the environment. We sell unique, indigenous designs you will find nowhere else. Many of these designs belong to the long family history of our artists. They are melded with tradition, history and belief.

Behind each product there’s a woman, a man and even a family who have created something with their own hands – designers who have taken care to keep the national and indigenous identity alive through their designs. 

Our creators are Chilean designers and entrepreneurs who not only want to sell a product and help their local economy, but also seek to minimize manufacturing waste, and environmental impact.

Our purpose

“We can all do something to make the world a better place. This is why I created PanalStore. Because I feel that when there are people trying to make a difference creating quality products and generating virtuous circles, they deserve to be seen, known and supported. I would love that over time these Chilean products were recognised for their contribution, quality and design. As a Chilean I feel proud of them and I want to help by being a showcase for them where I am living today. Everyone can make a difference by making a choice of their purchase.” says Karla, owner of PanalStore.

So, why buy at PanalStore? Because you will help every Chilean dreamer to follow her or his impulse to create conscious products.

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Urban Austral

Urban Austral

Urban Austral was born in March 2016, in the city of Coyhaique-Chile, as a project that seeks to generate functional products that take full advantage of the qualities of lamb leather and at the same time made every product by hand in the Aysén Region.  

From expat to entrepreneur

From expat to entrepreneur

Journalist and actress, what about that combination?  For a little more than 40 years inhabiting this planet, the last four living in the Netherlands, I declare myself an enthusiast of sustainable living.  

How was the Panal Store born

How was the Panal Store born

I moved in 2017 from Santiago to Amsterdam, because my husband’s work. So, after quit my job in Chile, I decided to fulfill one of those dreams that we often have, which due to work and daily routine, never become a reality. And that is how I decided to set up PanalStore.