The Artisans

PanalStore works together with small-scale Chilean designers and artisans like “Urban Austral” and “Beckbag”.
Urban Austral is a 100% feminine company. A community of 7 women from Aysen (in the South of Chile) creates products like the Patagonian sheep wool insoles. This project was born in March 2016 in order to empower these women economically. One of the objectives since its inception has been to take advantage of the local artisans talent that exists but often doesn’t know how to reach customers beyond their own locality. They often depend on the tourists that come to Aysen during only three months.
All the insoles are 100% handmade and locally produced in the Region of Aysen. The company seeks to demonstrate that they do not need great technologies to generate quality products but that the wealth lies in manual work. They believe that when things are handmade one by one, they have a special value made with love & care, making each product unique. At the same time, they make sure the workers work under good conditions and receive good salaries. According to the Fair Wage Guide, the artisans are paid 78% above Fair Wage minimum.

Beckbags, is a chilean family business that produces backpacks already in the fourth generation. The son of the family was the first to be able to get a university degree. He now brings his own designs and ideas of improvement into the family business and honours what his family has always done for a living.

The Materials

The handmade Patagonian sheep wool insoles are 100% natural. The sheep wool is obtained from the sheep that the artisans raise at their own home. The plastic free packaging consists of a reusable cotton bag. The upcycled leather is a sub-product of the local food industry that would otherwise end up as trash. You can wash the insoles in the washing machine and use them for a long time. Due to its thermoregulation function, your feet stay warm in winter and cold in summer.

The handmade backpacks are made out of high-density waterproof canvas and natural leather. The company carefully chooses national suppliers of fabric and leather, which are struggling to maintain their business and compete with big competitors. Furthermore, they choose suppliers that provide jobs and fair wages, that are transparent, aware and careful with the treatment of their waste. Finally, they generate a supply chain where the final product becomes a sustainable and handmade product.

Each Product Has a Story

At PanalStore, we are always looking for chilean products that tell a story.

Behind each product there’s a woman, a man and even a family who have created something with their own hands – designers who have taken care to keep the national and indigenous identity alive through their designs. Our creators are Chilean designers and entrepreneurs who not only want to sell a product and help their local economy, but also seek to minimize manufacturing waste, and environmental impact.

So, why buy at PanalStore? because you will help every Chilean dreamer to follow her or his impulse to create conscious products.

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If you’re looking for eco-friendly, handmade products and love local and beautiful designs, you’re in the right place.

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